One damned visual kei error

OMG that’s so perfect *.* 
(and the 3rd songs *.* I’m in love)



Please take a moment and watch this video.

Because this is important: The Representation Project

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Some photos of usual me.
(Also got LOOKBOOK post here with this look)


Nachtmahr (by Rabbit Heart)

Dark mori outfit I wore for a concert of Nachtmahr *o* one of my favourite bands ♥

more on my blog ♪


give me everything T_T (plz?)

including Akira…

so pretty!

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20-year-old Ruru on the street in Harajuku wearing a handmade gothic jacket and handmade maxi-skirt with an h.NAOTO bag & platform loafters. Ruru makes a lot DIY gothic fashion, which you can see on her Twitter. Full Look

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