One damned visual kei error

Cas Bakes Dean a Pie - a destiel fanfic

I just can’t xD…. This is just too much..xDD
“…it’s not pie!. ” ” Yes it is I worked hard.”


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i guess this speaks for itself

the GazettE 30 day challange

Day 10: Your favourite song from DIM.
I’m having dilemma …again..xD….  This challenge is pretty tough >__<
Guren x Nakigahara x Invisible wall x Distress and coma…… ? 

Let’s say Nakigahara… (but only becuase  I perceive Guren more like single-song although its on album)

Watch out! …or I will shoot you…

the GazettE 30 day challange

Day 09: Your favourite song from STACKED RUBBISH.

I think…well…Chizuru  *.*

I thought about sharing some of my old drawings… so lets start….

(wow…look at the’s five year old…O.O I totally didn’t realize it’s so long ago)
This was my first drawing which actually looked at least a little ….. well… not so so terrible like these before..xD
It’s actually normal traditional pencil drawing - but this is the version edited a little in photoshop.

by kvicka

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