One damned visual kei error

Anothere my photos from my favourite set ^.^

Visual kei punk coat - PunkRave; Pants - PunkRave; Fishnet cardigan - Origami vintage shop; Top - Chicnova


(Source: despairsray-de)

Sweet Pool OST - Fragment - Disc 2 - 6 - Miracles may (Violin Version)



My  pirate outfit for J rock convention in Moscow 

Jacket, blouse, breeches - Atelier Boz

Hat, boots, cross, eye patch - Alice and the Pirates

swordbelt - handmade by nemutaisama

Via TEA Cups by Anasis

My shitty webcam again and my outfit for work.


Photos taken by ZERO_translations, reposted with permission. Please do not repost further! 

Via All you have to do is just follow me

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